What is Shiatsu ?

Shiatsu is a therapeutic massage practiced on a mattress on the floor. The person stays dressed. Manual pressure is applied to the acupuncture points. The treatment also includes stretching and manipulations of the whole body.

Shiatsu relieves chronic pain, soothes tension and tones the body. It is a care of prevention and treatment.

A therapeutic massage from Asia

Shiatsu is a manual therapy that was developed in Japan, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This is based on the notion of Qi, vital energy whose balance and circulation guarantee health.


Shiatsu means "finger pressure" in Japanese.

The treatment includes pressure on the acupuncture points (tsubos), with specific therapeutic functions.

87% of people perceive one or more beneficial effects.

Survey of people who have received one or more Shiatsu treatments from me. Updated on 12/31/2022.

Who I am

François-Olivier LOUAIL

I was born in 1970 in France and have lived in Tangier (northern Morocco) since 2004. I first worked as a journalist then founded and managed a versatile communication agency.

My Qi and me

Really I only practiced judo for 2 years. No real progress.

The awareness of an internal energy, Qi, came as an adult, with the discovery of Aikido under the direction of Etienne Léman Sensei. My practice at  Aïkido du Rhône (Kobayashi School) lasted only 3 years but marked me until today.

This is what later led me to discover Shiatsu. thank’s to M. Miloudi Touailat , a great Karate teacher. Then I trained myself to practice it towards others.

Finally, after a 18-year hiatus, I started practicing aikido again, starting from the beginning, under the guidance of Professor Mohamed Abouothmane at the Aïkido Chamal Tangier Association.

Shiatsu training

In 2018, I obtained a Certificate of Practitioner in Therapeutic Shiatsu, issued by Jérôme Voisin, Co-founder and Director of Académie angevine de Shiatsu.  This diploma sanctioned a training started in 2015. Since then, I have continued to train myself regularly during internships with Jérôme Voisin and Ivan Bel, founder of Ryoho Shiatsu.

I am the administrator of the Facebook group Shiatsu Maroc, an author of articles and a contributor to the Ryoho Shiatsu blog, and in particular responsible for the French-speaking Podcast Sur les Pas du Shiatsu.

I am

  • Trained and certified in Shiatsu
  • Concerned about privacy
  • Listening and caring

I am not

  • A doctor
  • A Physiotherapist or an Osteopath
  • A Magician

Recommended by 97% of people I've dealt with

Survey of people who have received one or more Shiatsu treatments from me. Updated on 12/31/2022.


François-Olivier is very attentive to needs, conscientious and gentle in his work. It was a first experience for me and I felt very positive effects after each session. THANKS !
Marion F.
Journalist, Tangier
Very nice experience, moment of relaxation, relaxation, physical and mental. If you're looking to recharge your batteries, you're in good hands.
Thank you Francois-Olivier
Youssef R.
Web designer, Tangier
His practice was of great help to me during a period when my body was exhausted and could no longer follow the events of my life. Listening and consideration offered by François-Olivier are of great importance in healing.
Intisar K.
Coach, Tangier
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Shiatsu sessions

How does a Shiatsu session take place?

The one-hour session begins with a brief interview and a series of observations to understand the Qi energy imbalance. The massage is then performed on a mattress on the floor. The person remains dressed, dressed in a soft outfit (kimono or sportswear). The treatment consists of stretching, joint mobilization and pressure on the acupuncture points.

Places of practice

I welcome you to my practice on Avenue Prince Héritier, in Tangier. I can also come to your home, as well as in business, for a practice in the context of wellbeing at work. Sessions by appointment only .


Useful information

  • Sessions are by appointment only. I open the door and welcome you directly. There is no waiting.
  • It is useless to come without an appointment: I will not welcome you.
  • It makes sense to be on time for your appointment. If you’re not, I won’t make the next person wait and your session will be cut short.
  • It is a pity not to show up for your appointment: you take the place of someone else, and will have to pay for the missed session.

Make an appointment for a session

Ask me for an appointment directly by WhatsApp (Button at the bottom right of the screen) or by filling out the form below. I will contact you as soon as possible to set up an appointment that suits us.

I will contact you by WhatsApp.
Indicate the days and times of the day when I can offer you a slot.


The practice of therapeutic Shiatsu made me develop more specific activities, such as Shiatsu in companies, Shiatsu in guest houses, or workshops around Do In and the role of the body in personal development. Each intervention is organized to measure, according to the needs expressed. You can contact me directly by WhatsApp (bottom right of the screen) or by email

Do In

Do In is often presented as a “self-massage”, I would rather describe it as a “Qi energy shower”. During a session of 30 to 40 minutes, the participant activates the Qi in the whole of his body, by rhythmic series of flexible strikes and frictions. It is a gentle and pleasant practice, perfect for an awareness of the circulation of Qi.

Awareness of Qi, but also notions such as Hara (center) or alignment serve as support for group cohesion or capacity building workshops.

Shiatsu in companies

Shiatsu in business is a health benefit to enhance performance. It is part of the wellbeing at work policy developed by employers and HR departments. Short shiatsu sessions, organized regularly in the workplace, increase the motivation of employees, lighten the atmosphere and guide everyone towards the optimal use of their energy.

Shiatsu in guest houses

Are you with friends in Tangier? Whether you are in a guest house or an Air BnB, I can intervene directly at your place of accommodation for a time of wellbeing that will give a special shine to your stay.


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